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Domino Magazine January 30, 2009

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Like many US bloggers, I am sad that Domino magazine is folding. I have only looked at the website (which I also believe will be no more from March) but the content is bright and stylish and modern and I would love to have been able to buy it here in the UK. I was going to order myself a subscription when I got a job but sadly that isn’t to be. RIP Domino. You will be missed.


Blissful Images

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where ribbons come from

where ribbons come from


spring is there if you just look hard enough

spring is there if you just look hard enough

¬†Even though it’s only January (for a couple more days at least) my head is dreaming of Spring and these beautiful photos from Blissful Images really capture the promise of flowers and new growth for me.


I Wanna Have a Party!

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I want to have a party just so I can buy these cute elephant invites from Tara Hogan on etsy. Sadly, it isn’t my birthday until June so I might have to hold fire on this one. I guess I could use them for dinner party invites though as they don’t scream “Party!!”. Unlike these:

I apologise for the use of the mf-word to those readers of a more sensitive disposition. But isn’t the illustration just fabulous. She looks like Milady in the Three Musketeers stories. Or Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds where Milady is a cat:

I miss Dogtanian. It was one of those cartoons I looked forward to all through the school day. And the theme tune was spectacular. Happy days!


City Bar and Canteen, Cardiff Bay January 28, 2009

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This rather snazzy looking cafe bar is right round the corner from my new office and, while I haven’t been there yet, I’m raring to go.



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While we’re on the subject of fashion, I thought I’d put a good word in for this Monsoon dress. Her name, as all good Monsoon clothes have monikers, is Abbie and I think she’s rather fabby.


M&S Linen Pintuck Shirt

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I’m already starting to think about my spring/summer wardrobe and this M&S shirt fits the bill nicely. They have it in oatmeal and white and I’d quite like one of each. It would be perfect for work or shopping or a casual drink or supper and even cool enough to withstand the sultry August evenings in Rhodes, where I’m going for my summer holiday. I feel a jaunt to Cribbs Causeway coming on.


Seraph Tote Bag

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Despite buying my lovely new moop bag, I’ve taken a shine to this bag by Seraph. While more of a messenger than a tote, I love its rugged utilitarian looks and motto styling. Maybe there’s room in my closet for both.