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Tell Laura I Love Her January 23, 2009

Filed under: Fashion,Shopping — Alison @ 4:12 pm


Laura is the name of this stunning dress from Monsoon that I am currently coveting. I think it might be my first fashion purchase once I get a new job, although I’m also rather fond of this cardigan:


She’s called Milly and would go rather well with a Boden striped blue tunic I bought last summer. Strangely for me, I haven’t named her though I usually use the names that Monsoon choose for their wares. Though I have named some of my purchases from other shops including the wondrous Mabel, a mustard/sulphur yellow cardigan from Sainsbury’s of all places. I name my mugs too. Nog is named after a hedgehog that my dearest friend Sarah found (which subsequently died).

I think I might be rather odd. To confirm that fact I’ve started co-ordinating the colour of my BBC homepage to my outfit of the day. Today is teal to match my ruffled dress from M&S. It ought to be white to match the coats of the men who are coming to take me away!


2 Responses to “Tell Laura I Love Her”

  1. Clair Says:

    Me really liking this cardie!!
    I also have lots of things that would match it’s ideal for school runs,perhaps then i wouldn’t freeze and i’d look stylish too,(shame though it’s not waterproof,would seema shame too hide it under a coat!!)
    What other colours does it come in??

  2. alliemac5 Says:

    I think it only comes in blue. I do love Monsoon stuff but it’s so expensive!

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