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Duo Lizzy shoes February 26, 2009

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As someone who only ever wears comfortable shoes, I have high hopes for these Lizzy shoes from Duo. Known for their width-fitting boots for those of us with thin or podgy calves, Duo now have a vast range of lovely summery shoes in normal and wide fittings and some gorgeous colours. Now do I want the tangerine, fuchsia or leaf?


2 Responses to “Duo Lizzy shoes”

  1. theboakster Says:

    I would instinctively say leaf, as I have a pair of bright green ballet pumps and people always comment on them. I say they are my shoes for the spring 🙂 I always feel chirpy when I wear them. But actually I think the tangerine ones are darling too. Maybe the answer is all three! (you knew that already I reckon -really it was a rhetorical question!) xxxxxxxxx

  2. Alison Says:

    I do love the leaf but I too have a pair of green ballet pumps and don’t really need another pair of green shoes. Want, maybe, but not need. I’m leaning towards the tangerine despite not owning much orange. Of course this is all hypothetical as I have no pennies for shoes xxx

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