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Bensimon gym shoes March 24, 2009

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Now spring is (allegedly) here, my mind turns to summery shoes and, ergo, to these Bensimon gym shoes. I’ve ordered myself a pair in grey as then I can wear them with navy and black trousers (and my ubiquitous jeans). I love the elasticatedness of them, so much better than laces. They remind me of a pair I had when I went on a school trip to Brittany, aged 12, which were black and elasticated with little badges all over them (hey, it was the eighties!). I have good memories of that trip (strawberry ice cream and hot dogs in baguettes – why are all my memories food related?!) and even better memories of those shoes. Here’s to a trip down memory lane.


Isak trays and cups

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I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design especially these funky Blossom and Bill trays and Leaf and Lovebird cups by Isak from Cloudberry Living. It would certainly bring a smile to your face if your morning cup of tea was served on Bill’s hairy chest and Blossom’s nipples! And the lidded cups would be great for taking out into the garden as they’d keep so much warmer than ordinary mugs. I wish I had a garden *sigh*.


zoey earrings

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Just how beautiful and delicate are these Zoey earrings from Armelle Jewelry? I could see them being worn with a beautiful coral chiffon evening dress at a fancy ball. Or with a white linen shirt and a rad pair of jeans!


Onward and Upward

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This letterpress print (and you know how much I love letterpress!) from seesaw designs captures my mood at the moment. Things may not be as I’d hoped (far from it, in fact) but I need to keep my pecker up, as my dad would say, and keep going onward and upward. I need to be the sort of person who would see the silver lining in a mushroom cloud!

Via {frolic!}


Avie Address Labels

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These darling return address labels by avie make sending letters that little bit easier and more stylish. I particularly love the birdies one at the top. My lovely friend Sarah bought some birdie bookplates for her little boy but they’ve sold out otherwise I’d have put them up too. I just wish that a) I wasn’t probably moving house in the summer making the address labels obsolete soon and b) didn’t have hundreds of books to affix bookplates to, making it an expensive business. But the address labels will be my first purchase for my new address (wherever that may be!)


Dee Puddy March 17, 2009

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While on the theme of ceramics, I thought I’d share these marvellous porcelain labels from Dee Puddy with you. I have an anally retentive streak and the thought of labelling all my goodies with them is almost too much to bear. I would even buy Earl Grey tea just so I could label it (I suppose I could drink it so it wasn’t wasted!) Ooh, I’ve got my organising head on now!


Rae Dunn Ceramics

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I’m desperate for these delightful ceramic plaques by ceramicist Rae Dunn. Or, more to the point, my flat is. I have a worry though: is it slightly poncy/twee to have signs in your home in French if you’re English? And, if it is, do I care?!