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Michelle Brusegaard Peacocks April 27, 2009

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Peacocks are the most splendid birds and these peacock stationery items from Michelle Brusegaard are wonderful. The enclosure cards come in fuschia/teal or green and I like the personalised flat notes in curry/chocolate (I think they also come in fuschia and grey). She also sells lovely screen printed scarves which I may share with you at a later date – oops, spoilt the surprise now!


Maison Bengal Travel Bag

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I’m all for recycling and this Maison Bengal travel bag made from old cement sacks is perfect for both its looks and for its environmental credentials. It’s made by a fair trade women’s artisan cooperative in Bangladesh and is only £25 – bargain!


Henry’s By Post Vanilla Black Tea April 22, 2009

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I love a good cup of tea and rather fancy this Organic Vanilla Black Tea by Henry’s By Post a company based in Princeton, Wisconsin. I guess it might be a bit too expensive to ship over to the UK so I shall have to find some vanilla tea over here. I usually drink good old PG Tips or Clipper Organic but I’m always open to new tastes and flavours.


Pudding Club

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Aren’t these vintage puddling moulds from Kay Loves Vintage  just to die for? And, of course, what you can produce in them. I do love a good blancmange!


Photo love

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Isn’t this a cool photo? I love the expressions on the girl and her dad’s (I’m assuming) faces and the colour of the car. And it’s just so American, which I adore. Once we’ve paid for Greece and both have jobs again, I’m going to start saving for a trip Stateside. I’ve been desperate to cross the Atlantic for many years and I can’t think of a better time than as soon as possible. Actually, it would be best if I could lose weight first, then I could buy lots of gorgeous US clothes too!


Photo via Oh Joy! on Twitter


Birds Around Britain Poster April 21, 2009

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On the theme of stuff for my walls and, indeed, nature I like the simplicity and elegance of this Birds Around Britain poster by Bold and Noble. They also do it in a lovely warm stone colour (which would go with my sofas) but I prefer the azure. I think.


Blabla dolls

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I don’t have children (yet) but, if I did, they’d be getting these fabulous dolls from blabla. The colours and designs are just adorable. I particularly love the stripy pants on the monkey and lion (not that the cat’s spots aren’t also cool). I might just have to buy one for my adorable godson Ellis. But which one to choose?! (and there are tons more on the website)