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Yippee! November 19, 2009

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I’ve won a competition! I’m getting some Cartolina gift and note cards from the lovely Huma at Her Little Place which has pleased and excited me greatly, especially as I was feeling grim with a cold and sore head. You should read Huma’s blog and her pieces in The Guardian as she’s a fount of knowledge about all things stylish and writes beautifully. And she runs great giveaways too! It’s actually the second time I’ve won a blog giveaway in the past three months so I feel very privileged. The last time I won a fab invite and thank you card set from Duet Letterpress from Nole at Oh So Beautiful Paper which I’m saving for a special celebration:


I’m (or rather, Jim, is) waiting to hear about some possibly good news which might necessitate a party but I don’t want to tempt fate by mentioning it and then it not happen so watch this space!


heart by November 18, 2009

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I’m very excited. I’ve been in love with the beautiful headpieces and hairbands from for a while but have been too broke to buy any. But now they’ve launched heart by where all the items are $50 or less. I don’t know which to choose but here are some of my favourites (especially the red heart above – lush!):



The question is: can I get away with them? I’m not exactly Lily Cole and I might look like a fat girl trying too hard. But, you know what? I don’t think I care! They’re all so pretty that I don’t think I can manage without at least one. Choices, choices…


erinzam tag books November 16, 2009

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Just how sweet are these teensy tag books by etsy seller erinzam? I like her idea of using one to record car expenses like petrol as I seem to spend a fortune at the petrol station and never seem to get many miles from it. I’ll be driving a lot more now as Jim has started a new job in Coventry so he needs a lift to the station every day (and on his way home) hence more expense. But it’s good to finally have money coming in and I may use some of it to buy these little books to keep track of the ins and outs.


Dee Beale Nordic Hares Print

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I’ve fallen in love with this gocco screenprint – Nordic Blue Hares – by UK artist Dee Beale. It would go perfectly with the blue print I bought from Sycamore Street Press. Here’s another shot of it:

As both prints are quite small, I need to do a grouping of prints together so I need to find some more in blue and white for my collection. Any suggestions?



Hiatus November 13, 2009

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Oh dear. Oh very dear. I’ve been a bad blogger and somehow missed six months of posts! But, never fear, I am going to do my damnedest to make up for that over the next however-long. I’ve decided that I like sharing my random finds and silly ideas with the great unknown and am going to have another crack at this.

Firstly, my new coat:

Sorry for the teensy picture but I can’t work out how to put in big ones from the Next website. I haven’t worn it yet as I’m trying to work out how to convince my mother-in-law that I’ve had it forever. Hmm, tricky! I shouldn’t be buying coats as we’re penniless and living with the in-laws for a wee while but Next is on credit so it kind of doesn’t count (except it does!)

I’ve also fallen in love (deep, deep love) with this cowl from DollyKnits on etsy:


That’s the lovely Jo (who is the talent behind the shop) modelling it but I wish it were round my neck not hers. I’m going to request it from Jim aka Father Christmas as it would go perfectly with the coat, dontcha think? Right, must dash. Mother-in-law is requesting a lift to Waitrose. Now what delights can we buy today? Back later. Honest!