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Laura Ashley Fairisle Dress September 28, 2010

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Apologies for the big “NEW” button on this photo but I had to share this gorgeous dress with you? It’s taken me all my willpower not to buy it for myself this afternoon. It’s from Laura Ashley and is a rather pricey ¬£85, hence my reluctance to buy on a whim. Maybe I should start writing a letter to Father Christmas…


Toast Ines Skirt

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Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? The Ines skirt from Toast has made me burst into song it’s so pretty. Now if only I was thin enough to fit into one *sigh*. Back to Weight Watchers tomorrow *sob*.


Ilee 2011 Letterpress and Silkscreen Calendar

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Oh, how much do I want this calendar? This slice of letterpress and silkscreen loveliness comes from the marvellous Ilee in Seattle, U-S-of-A. I may have to buy this *and* the Linda and Harriett one to satisfy the calendar pixies this year…


Linda and Harriett 2011 Calendar September 11, 2010

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I’m in love. Head over heels. Surprise, surprise it’s with a paper item (predictable, moi?). Specifically, the 2011 Linda and Harriett calendar. Isn’t it beautiful? I have the 2010 version on my bureau and it brings me such pleasure so I think I’m going to have to splash out $30 plus shipping to bring this piece of gorgeousness into my life. Hey. I’ll be looking at it for 365 days so that works out quite cheap on a cost-per-view basis. Kind of…


The Literary Gift Company

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Came across the fabulous Literary Gift Company on Home Shopping Spy and India Knight’s fabulous blog. Just how much do I want the I Capture the Castle bag (top left)? It’s my favourite book of all time and I urge you to read it if you haven’t already. I also want to buy the “Go away, I’m writing” mug for my friend Graeme and the Virginia Woolf tape and Louisa M Alcott notebook for myself. My brain has definitely been turned because I am too fond of books. For the better, I hope!


Paris Labels September 7, 2010

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Regular readers (okay, I know there’s only one of you!) will know that I have something of a problem with stationery. I adore the stuff and keep drawers and boxes of notebooks and labels in my bedroom, all waiting for me to find the perfect use for them. It’s not as if I need any more, oh no. But these Paris Labels from the fabulous¬†Papernation are calling my name. Just how sweet are those illustrations? I’m such a Francophile anyway that these would be the perfect addition to my stationery portfolio. Must resist. Must resist…


Winter Warmers

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Apologies for the tiny pictures but these are the latest two additions to my winter wardrobe – a grey cable knit dress and a berry scarf cardigan both from Next. They’re warm and toasty and are going to be the mainstay of my autumn and winter clothes collection, especially in wet and chilly Northern Ireland. It’s only the beginning of September and it already feels as though winter is just around the corner. I was hoping for an indian summer but I think I might be asking too much as it hasn’t been over about 20 degrees here all year, let alone in September. I’ve definitely got that back-to-school feeling. These can be my new uniform.