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Toast Ines Skirt September 28, 2010

Filed under: Fashion — Alison @ 5:01 pm

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? The Ines skirt from Toast has made me burst into song it’s so pretty. Now if only I was thin enough to fit into one *sigh*. Back to Weight Watchers tomorrow *sob*.


2 Responses to “Toast Ines Skirt”

  1. That skirt is gorgeous! I should probably also head to weight watchers, it would definitely not look good on my waist… 😦

  2. wencybag Says:

    Toast Ines Skirt were nice fitting to sexy skinny women, not like me,an overweight…How about the handbag,is that made in recycled materials? I want something which is made in recycled materials,which is colorful enough to draw my vision of endorsing environmentally-friendly products,in support of Planet Earth global warming situation. Thanks a lot! Go green…

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