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Hiatus November 13, 2009

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Oh dear. Oh very dear. I’ve been a bad blogger and somehow missed six months of posts! But, never fear, I am going to do my damnedest to make up for that over the next however-long. I’ve decided that I like sharing my random finds and silly ideas with the great unknown and am going to have another crack at this.

Firstly, my new coat:

Sorry for the teensy picture but I can’t work out how to put in big ones from the Next website. I haven’t worn it yet as I’m trying to work out how to convince my mother-in-law that I’ve had it forever. Hmm, tricky! I shouldn’t be buying coats as we’re penniless and living with the in-laws for a wee while but Next is on credit so it kind of doesn’t count (except it does!)

I’ve also fallen in love (deep, deep love) with this cowl from DollyKnits on etsy:


That’s the lovely Jo (who is the talent behind the shop) modelling it but I wish it were round my neck not hers. I’m going to request it from Jim aka Father Christmas as it would go perfectly with the coat, dontcha think? Right, must dash. Mother-in-law is requesting a lift to Waitrose. Now what delights can we buy today? Back later. Honest!


Happy Tape and Knitting May 1, 2009

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I know it’s been all over the blogosphere and I’m very tardy in posting it but isn’t this Japanese masking tape from Happy Tape just gorgeous? I wish I could think of more uses than just sticking it to everything and making me happy but my lack of crafting ability lets me down. I have just bought another knitting book (second hand and cheap) so (with the help of three books and YouTube) I’m going to finally teach myself to cast on and knit  a scarf before it’s time to wear one again! Wish me luck!