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Bensimon gym shoes March 24, 2009

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Now spring is (allegedly) here, my mind turns to summery shoes and, ergo, to these Bensimon gym shoes. I’ve ordered myself a pair in grey as then I can wear them with navy and black trousers (and my ubiquitous jeans). I love the elasticatedness of them, so much better than laces. They remind me of a pair I had when I went on a school trip to Brittany, aged 12, which were black and elasticated with little badges all over them (hey, it was the eighties!). I have good memories of that trip (strawberry ice cream and hot dogs in baguettes – why are all my memories food related?!) and even better memories of those shoes. Here’s to a trip down memory lane.


Duo Lizzy shoes February 26, 2009

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As someone who only ever wears comfortable shoes, I have high hopes for these Lizzy shoes from Duo. Known for their width-fitting boots for those of us with thin or podgy calves, Duo now have a vast range of lovely summery shoes in normal and wide fittings and some gorgeous colours. Now do I want the tangerine, fuchsia or leaf?