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Bank in the Form of a Pig May 1, 2009

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Not that I have much money to save, but I totally adore Bank in the Form of a Pig by Harry Allen for Areaware, seen here in situ in a shoot for Mod Livin’ and Winifred Ross Reilly’s home. It comes in several colours, including gold and hot pink, but I like the purity of the white. Apparently it was cast from the body of a piglet who dies of natural causes and can hold $10,000 in dollar bills. I wish they sold it in the UK as shipping from the US is extortionate (Areaware quoted me $125 before taxes!!). Selfridges do the gold, pink and copper but have no stock until July. And I want the white anyway *sulks and stamps feet*!!

Thanks to Design*Sponge


Photo love April 22, 2009

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Isn’t this a cool photo? I love the expressions on the girl and her dad’s (I’m assuming) faces and the colour of the car. And it’s just so American, which I adore. Once we’ve paid for Greece and both have jobs again, I’m going to start saving for a trip Stateside. I’ve been desperate to cross the Atlantic for many years and I can’t think of a better time than as soon as possible. Actually, it would be best if I could lose weight first, then I could buy lots of gorgeous US clothes too!


Photo via Oh Joy! on Twitter


Saipua April 17, 2009

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Aren’t these soaps just the prettiest you’ve ever seen? They’re by Saipua who make them in the Hudson Valley for sale in boutiques and their own Brooklyn store. They also do amazing flowers:


In The Loop March 4, 2009

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Don’t ask me to dinner on April 17th. I’ll be at the cinema watching In the Loop, the spin-off of TV’s The Thick of It. Watch a preview here. Now where can I get  a copy of that Obama-inspired poster?

Thanks to The Guardian


Moop Messenger Bag

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As today is turning out to be tan and ochre coloured from the posts below, I thought I’d post my new favourite tan item – the moop messenger bag in tan and red. I already have a moop market bag (which I adore) but think Jim would love this to tote his laptop and books to and from the office. And, perhaps, I might be able to borrow it every so often…! As well as the etsy shop, moop also has its own webshop and blog, written by the talented Wendy. We love moop!!


Little Byrd Clutches February 20, 2009

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Speaking of my sister’s wedding, if I were to get the grey chiffon dress, one of these fabulous clutches from Little Byrd would look amazing with it. But which one? Answers on a postcard please (or just leave a comment!)


Old Tomfoolery Letterpress Cards February 18, 2009

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I’m becoming quite a fan of blind letterpress (letterpressing type or images with no ink) and I really like these cards from Old Tomfoolery. They’re chic and minimalist but still have that personalised handmade touch. And you could have any words you wanted (within reason) so you could have them letterpressed with “thanks” or “love” or “hairy bottom” if the mood took you!