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heart by November 18, 2009

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I’m very excited. I’ve been in love with the beautiful headpieces and hairbands from for a while but have been too broke to buy any. But now they’ve launched heart by where all the items are $50 or less. I don’t know which to choose but here are some of my favourites (especially the red heart above – lush!):



The question is: can I get away with them? I’m not exactly Lily Cole and I might look like a fat girl trying too hard. But, you know what? I don’t think I care! They’re all so pretty that I don’t think I can manage without at least one. Choices, choices…


Hiatus November 13, 2009

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Oh dear. Oh very dear. I’ve been a bad blogger and somehow missed six months of posts! But, never fear, I am going to do my damnedest to make up for that over the next however-long. I’ve decided that I like sharing my random finds and silly ideas with the great unknown and am going to have another crack at this.

Firstly, my new coat:

Sorry for the teensy picture but I can’t work out how to put in big ones from the Next website. I haven’t worn it yet as I’m trying to work out how to convince my mother-in-law that I’ve had it forever. Hmm, tricky! I shouldn’t be buying coats as we’re penniless and living with the in-laws for a wee while but Next is on credit so it kind of doesn’t count (except it does!)

I’ve also fallen in love (deep, deep love) with this cowl from DollyKnits on etsy:


That’s the lovely Jo (who is the talent behind the shop) modelling it but I wish it were round my neck not hers. I’m going to request it from Jim aka Father Christmas as it would go perfectly with the coat, dontcha think? Right, must dash. Mother-in-law is requesting a lift to Waitrose. Now what delights can we buy today? Back later. Honest!


Happy May Day! May 1, 2009

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Happy May Day! I ought to have done this on May morning to go with the image of Magdalen tower (my old college where the choir sings from the top of the tower to, usually drunken, crowds at 6am on 1st May) but I’ve been a bit slack today. Instead of posting lively things for you to look at, I’ve been spending money I don’t have on dresses and bags! The dress is for my birthday from Jim and is on a four-week back order so I should get it in time for 5th June, if I’m lucky. It’s this one from Boden:



It’s principally for my holiday in Greece in August for my sister’s wedding though I’m sure I’ll wear it a few times before we go and lots when we get back maybe with some jewel-coloured cropped cardigans when the weather gets cooler. I’ve also bought a bag from Meringue on etsy. It’s called Tzatziki, to keep with the Greek theme, and it looks like this:



It’s to go with quite a busy dress for the wedding itself but it should go. Shouldn’t it? It was a bargain $15 and is winging its way from Melbourne very soon and I can wear it with lots of other things. Hurrah for shopping (but boo for my bank balance!)


Maison Bengal Travel Bag April 27, 2009

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I’m all for recycling and this Maison Bengal travel bag made from old cement sacks is perfect for both its looks and for its environmental credentials. It’s made by a fair trade women’s artisan cooperative in Bangladesh and is only £25 – bargain!


Luggage Paranoia April 17, 2009

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Holidays, while ultimately wonderful, contain horrors at every turn. My personal paranoia is that someone will steal my luggage off the carousel thinking it’s theirs and make off with all my clothes. Thankfully, I no longer have to worry due to these marvellous luggage tags from Shoestring Home. I’m getting me some before we fly off to Greece in the summer. My favourite slogan? “I’m pretty sure this isn’t your bag”. Genius!


Amber Sky Earrings April 1, 2009

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Aren’t these the prettiest earrings you ever saw? They’re by AmberSky and are called Romantic Notions. I think they’re very romantic indeed and have a kind of steampunk vibe too – old-fashioned but modern at the same time. I’m glad it’s my birthday coming up soon (well, in two months!!)


Bensimon gym shoes March 24, 2009

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Now spring is (allegedly) here, my mind turns to summery shoes and, ergo, to these Bensimon gym shoes. I’ve ordered myself a pair in grey as then I can wear them with navy and black trousers (and my ubiquitous jeans). I love the elasticatedness of them, so much better than laces. They remind me of a pair I had when I went on a school trip to Brittany, aged 12, which were black and elasticated with little badges all over them (hey, it was the eighties!). I have good memories of that trip (strawberry ice cream and hot dogs in baguettes – why are all my memories food related?!) and even better memories of those shoes. Here’s to a trip down memory lane.