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Rifle Paper Co Heart Print January 18, 2011

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While on the subject of Valentine’s Day gifts, how about this beautiful heart print by Rifle Paper Co, available from Papermash in the UK? It’s also available as a card which you could also frame, I guess. Perfect to show your special someone just how much you love them.


Bank in the Form of a Pig May 1, 2009

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Not that I have much money to save, but I totally adore Bank in the Form of a Pig by Harry Allen for Areaware, seen here in situ in a shoot for Mod Livin’ and Winifred Ross Reilly’s home. It comes in several colours, including gold and hot pink, but I like the purity of the white. Apparently it was cast from the body of a piglet who dies of natural causes and can hold $10,000 in dollar bills. I wish they sold it in the UK as shipping from the US is extortionate (Areaware quoted me $125 before taxes!!). Selfridges do the gold, pink and copper but have no stock until July. And I want the white anyway *sulks and stamps feet*!!

Thanks to Design*Sponge


Birds Around Britain Poster April 21, 2009

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On the theme of stuff for my walls and, indeed, nature I like the simplicity and elegance of this Birds Around Britain poster by Bold and Noble. They also do it in a lovely warm stone colour (which would go with my sofas) but I prefer the azure. I think.


French Nature Posters

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I’ve been looking for things to put on my rather bare walls and just love these nature posters from The French General Store. I especially love the pigs and cats as they’re two of my favourite creatures but was also tempted to post the goats and cows and sheep and, ooh, all of them! And, while apples aren’t my favourite fruit, I’m fascinated by heirloom varieties and the types of apple you only get at farmers’ markets with names like Hoary Morning and Rybston’s Pippin. Although, if I do partake of the old pomme, I’m rather fond of a common-or-garden Granny Smith!


Sycamore Street Press April 20, 2009

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I love love love this Blue Patterned Garden letterpress print from those talented folks at Sycamore Street Press. Eva says “the blue and white dishes of Delft and Royal Copenhagen, along with the intricate detail and beautiful landscapes of Indian manuscript painting were my inspiration for this print. After printing them on my letterpress, I added a bright yellow line of sewn thread to make the perfect little counterpoint to the blue and to echo the printed dashes of rain.”

All I know is that it’s very, very beautiful. Letterpress at its best.


These Bells Will Peal April 17, 2009

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As today is officially Rachel Day on banjolele, I thought I’d also share this beautiful Rob Ryan papercut (is that the right word? Sounds painful!) with you. I knew about Rob already (ooh, get me!) but Rachel reminded me just how beautiful and delicate his work is. This would be the perfect wedding gift, don’t you think? And, I know the title is These Bells Will Peal and the text in the papercut says “shall” but I’m just copying what it says on etsy. So there!


St Jude’s Notebooks

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My friend Rachel directed me to these fabbety St Jude’s notebooks a while ago and I’ve totally neglected to share them with you until now. Worth the wait though, eh? You can buy them here.