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The Literary Gift Company September 11, 2010

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Came across the fabulous Literary Gift Company on Home Shopping Spy and India Knight’s fabulous blog. Just how much do I want the I Capture the Castle bag (top left)? It’s my favourite book of all time and I urge you to read it if you haven’t already. I also want to buy the “Go away, I’m writing” mug for my friend Graeme and the Virginia Woolf tape and Louisa M Alcott notebook for myself. My brain has definitely been turned because I am too fond of books. For the better, I hope!


Happy May Day! May 1, 2009

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Happy May Day! I ought to have done this on May morning to go with the image of Magdalen tower (my old college where the choir sings from the top of the tower to, usually drunken, crowds at 6am on 1st May) but I’ve been a bit slack today. Instead of posting lively things for you to look at, I’ve been spending money I don’t have on dresses and bags! The dress is for my birthday from Jim and is on a four-week back order so I should get it in time for 5th June, if I’m lucky. It’s this one from Boden:



It’s principally for my holiday in Greece in August for my sister’s wedding though I’m sure I’ll wear it a few times before we go and lots when we get back maybe with some jewel-coloured cropped cardigans when the weather gets cooler. I’ve also bought a bag from Meringue on etsy. It’s called Tzatziki, to keep with the Greek theme, and it looks like this:



It’s to go with quite a busy dress for the wedding itself but it should go. Shouldn’t it? It was a bargain $15 and is winging its way from Melbourne very soon and I can wear it with lots of other things. Hurrah for shopping (but boo for my bank balance!)


Maison Bengal Travel Bag April 27, 2009

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I’m all for recycling and this Maison Bengal travel bag made from old cement sacks is perfect for both its looks and for its environmental credentials. It’s made by a fair trade women’s artisan cooperative in Bangladesh and is only £25 – bargain!


Moop Messenger Bag March 4, 2009

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As today is turning out to be tan and ochre coloured from the posts below, I thought I’d post my new favourite tan item – the moop messenger bag in tan and red. I already have a moop market bag (which I adore) but think Jim would love this to tote his laptop and books to and from the office. And, perhaps, I might be able to borrow it every so often…! As well as the etsy shop, moop also has its own webshop and blog, written by the talented Wendy. We love moop!!


Little Byrd Clutches February 20, 2009

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Speaking of my sister’s wedding, if I were to get the grey chiffon dress, one of these fabulous clutches from Little Byrd would look amazing with it. But which one? Answers on a postcard please (or just leave a comment!)


Toast Suede Shoulder Bag

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I just love the colour of this suede bag by Toast. I bet it feels all squishy and divine too though, knowing me, I’d probably trash it in five minutes flat.


Mermaid MacBook Envelope and Pouch

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I’ve just splashed out (groan!) on this MacBook envelope and power cable pouch from fernfiddlehead. Isn’t the fabric just darling? Cathy, the talented lady who makes them, even shipped it out today so I should be getting it super soon. Now I just have to take my laptop out and write at coffee shop tables. I wish Starbucks didn’t charge £5 for its Wi-Fi…