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Photo love April 22, 2009

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Isn’t this a cool photo? I love the expressions on the girl and her dad’s (I’m assuming) faces and the colour of the car. And it’s just so American, which I adore. Once we’ve paid for Greece and both have jobs again, I’m going to start saving for a trip Stateside. I’ve been desperate to cross the Atlantic for many years and I can’t think of a better time than as soon as possible. Actually, it would be best if I could lose weight first, then I could buy lots of gorgeous US clothes too!


Photo via Oh Joy! on Twitter


Street Chic March 4, 2009

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Just how fabulous do these two chaps look? I found them on The Sartorialist, an amazing blog dedicated to showcasing street style (admittedly from the cooler spots of the globe, not Slough high street). Makes me want to put my glad rags on and pose, pose, pose!


Rugger bugger February 14, 2009

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In honour of today’s Six Nations matches (even though I hate rugby – stupid game) I thought I’d share this fabulous photo of French player Sebastien Chabal – isn’t it marvellous? I think he might just be the missing link…


John Murphy February 12, 2009

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My walls are badly in need of decoration and this framed photograph (Still Life 4 from the series Seeing is Believing) by John Murphy would be ideal. The photos are gorgeous but it’s the frames that make them super special.


Abby Try Again February 10, 2009

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I’m really into floral photography at the moment and adore these shots from Abby Try Again.


Protea with spoon February 9, 2009

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Just how much do I love this photo? It’s by the talented Kari Herer on etsy. I have such a cutlery fetish!


Blissful Images January 30, 2009

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where ribbons come from

where ribbons come from


spring is there if you just look hard enough

spring is there if you just look hard enough

 Even though it’s only January (for a couple more days at least) my head is dreaming of Spring and these beautiful photos from Blissful Images really capture the promise of flowers and new growth for me.